With 3 levels of advanced tanning equipment including stand-up beds to high pressure bronzing beds we have all you need to get and keep that gorgeous glow. We offer an array of tanning packages for every budget and schedule.

Our staff members are all Smart Tan certified and our salon is a Smart Tan member and specializes in sunburn prevention.

Silver Level

Ergoline Ambition 250

120 watt lamps and high pressure facial lamps

A step up from your basic base building bed, an industry level II which offers a higher wattage lamp for a faster tanning session. Provides darker results, at a faster time. A combination of UVA and UVB to stimulate melanin production to give you a golden bronze faster.  Engineered with perfect results in mind, the Ambition 250 – with its combination of Super Power UV lamps and high-pressure facials – is loaded with tanning power to spare.

Platinum Level

Sunscape 756V Stand-up Bed

200 watt lamps all around

This bed provides a fast session time, with sun intense lamps for maximum melanin boosting power to enhance tanning results. A 360 degree design to eliminate any uneven color or underarm lines. A quick in and out tanning bed to give you the dark tan you want, fast!

Solarforce 648 Laydown

180 watt bronzing lamps with high pressure facial lamps

High wattage lamps with low UVB/high UVA output coupled with a frosted acrylic makes this a “bronzing bed”. This bed is great for maintaining and darkening an established base tan. This tanning bed is also a great option for clients that tend to burn or that do not tan easily.

Diamond Level


1000 watt higher pressure lamps

High pressure deep tissue tanning lamps provide a longer lasting tan with a reduced risk of burning. 99% of UVA output oxides the melanin in the deeper layers of the skin for a deep bronze that will last longer. An open contoured, suspended design to give you a comfortable, “laying on the beach” experience. This industry level IV bed is the top of the line in the tanning industry and guaranteed to take your tan to the next level.